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Easter Bunny Tracker - Acknowledgements

Last updated: January 9, 2021

Behind the Easter Bunny Tracker, there are many products, tools, and people that have helped tremendously in the development of this tracker. This acknowledgements page is to acknowledge everything and everyone that has helped to make the tracker what it is today.

All descriptions for stops are from Wikipedia (see applicable source links for each stop), whose content is licensed under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

CDNJS ( - This tracker makes use of CDNJS to help load in the necessary libraries to make the tracker work.

jQuery ( - This tracker makes extensive use of jQuery to help make the code slimmer and has made development of the tracker much quicker so that there’s more time to do quality assurance.

Bootstrap ( - The foundation of this tracker is built on Bootstrap styling, and despite the loads of div tags to make it all work, without Bootstrap it would take dozens of hours to get the site style to work properly.

Federico Zivolo's Material Design Bootstrap ( - The tracker makes use of Federico’s bootstrap material design libraries that are built on top of Bootstrap for the awesome material design that you see.

Moment.js ( - The tracker uses the moment timezone libraries to ensure that arrival times and liftoff times are localized for your timezone, and uses moment.js for the big countdown to liftoff.

Bowser ( - The tracker uses Bowser to detect incompatible browsers and redirect you to the incompatible browser page.

Stack Overflow ( - Without Stack Overflow, the tracker probably wouldn’t be here.

MDN Web Docs ( - A seriously helpful resource during development, in addition to Stack Overflow.

Can I Use ( - Another seriously helpful resource during development, especially in the planning stages of features so that we could properly build out certain features for maximum compatibility with older browsers.

Cloudflare ( - The tracker makes use of Cloudflare to increase the speed and capacity of the tracker.

The basket icon used in the tracker is provided by Roundicons.

The EMF Discord community for feedback on features & improvements, along with spotting lots of tiny mistakes and bugs to make the tracker the best that it can be.

The Version 4 team, which overhauled the tracker for 2020 out of a prototype and into a fully functional tracker & website:

  • Owen (Lead Developer & QA Engineer) - Ran the entire TEBCC v4 team, and led tracker development.
  • Jamie (Routing Engineer) - Worked extensively with the native Wikipedia integrations, and cleaning up pronunciations as well.
  • Carl (User Acceptance Testing) - Helped to ensure that the tracker was accessible and simple to use.
  • Jack (QA Engineer) - Helped us expand our quality assurance to 11,000+ runs to ensure the tracker is virtually bug-free.
  • Sonic (Social Media Manager) - Helped to run the @bunny_tracking twitter, and advertise the tracker.

And lastly, the entire tracking community, who isn't afraid to give us lots of feedback on how to improve the tracker, and make it the best it can be.

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